Wallpaper: The death of Knowledge

Closed source is killing the human knowledge day by day, we must to stop it…

License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa


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  • 6 pensieri su “Wallpaper: The death of Knowledge

    1. “Don’t kill informations, choose freedoom” ??? “freedoom” ??? freedOOm? haha OK have it your way hahaha.

      And “information” doesn’t have a plural form (so no trailing “s”). “Information” is like “bread” – you can’t have 2 informations and 2 breads, you can have 2 pieces of information and 2 loaves of bread :)

      (By the way, sorry if I sound like an ass, but I always spot typos. Actually the idea behind the wallpaper is really nice.)

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    3. mi chiedo perchè debba sempre essere questione di vita o di morte quando si tratta di GNU/Linux… tutto questo fanatismo allontana più gente di quanta non ne avvicini.

      un utente linux